03 December 2012

Hips don't lie but sometimes photos do. Sorry, not sorry. This photo struck me so hard that I was decided to go to Cagbalete Island with or without a companion. 

This is a classic example of one of the evils of Photoshop. Then again, it serves as a reminder to not expect too much based on photos alone ;)
Cagbalete Island during low tide.

30 November 2012

Working on Happiness

This may not be a travel post but I'm writing about it anyway for I feel I am surrounded by unhappy people. 

I was unhappy once. For years even. I guess that's expected when a valuable relationship spirals down. We expect so much from our other half, we tend to forget how we managed to be on our own. We fail to see that there are so many things in this life that should make us happy. 


28 November 2012

Byaheng Wala Lang

Nakasakay ako ng jeep. Sa kaliwang side may nakaupong apat na pasahero. Sa side ko naman may nakaupong mga anim. Bilang na bilang ko sila kasi medyo masikip na sa side namin samantalang sa kabila, parang pang-photo-op lang ung mga upo nila.. May sumakay na ale. Medyo may edad na. Saktong pang-maalagang-nanay na edad.. Mga 54-57 gnun.
"Hindi siya yung ale pero wala na kong mahanap na picture sa jeep, ok." Haha

23 November 2012

Church on a Saturday

Dumaguete is a walkable city. I remember its trees and clear sidewalks unlike the ones we have here in Manila. After my Siliman University tour, I decided to stroll near the town plaza.
St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral
Or more commonly known as the Dumaguete Cathedral. Prominently the largest cathedral in the city and was apparently built in the 17th century. This is located along Perdices Street, right in front of Rizal Park.

I didn't go in. I was wearing shorts and I felt too inappropriate. Also, the banner bothered me.

If you call yourself an outdoors person and you haven't been to Anawangin, you should be ashamed of yourself. Hehe I'm kidding. But Anawangin is to campers as Puerto Galera is to call center agents. I remember all the hype about Galera when I was still an agent. Up to date, I haven't set foot on that place. I try to avoid anything congested when leaving the city. Why would you leave all the ruckus for another one? .... What am I talking about? Lol.. 

You will probably find hundreds of blogs online that will give you instructions on how to get there and what to bring so I'm not gonna bother. Instead, I shall give you a list of what almost stopped me from going to Anawangin and another list making me realize why this island cove is one hell of a playground that I shouldn't even think of missing out on.

What are we working if not to play? :)

Here are the things I gathered from blogs that nearly had me backing out of our Anawangin Trip. 

Sand Fleas Galore. Locally known as NIKNIK, these are *as i read* blood-sucking parasites that can be found in the vast sands of Anawangin. Mosquitoes na island version at laganap ito sa Anawangin. Aminado akong hirap akong matulog kaya ang worry ko, pag naalimpungatan ako sa kagat nito sa madaling-araw at mahirapan na ako bumalik ng tulog. Worse, kung ako lang ang manatiling gising hanggang magbukang-liwayway. Gano man kacute ang tawag sa kanilang "Niknik", ganun din ka-cute ang iniwang peklat ng mga to sakin bilang nakatulog ako sa buhanginan sa sobrang kalasingan. Fiesta ang mga ungas! Nagmistulang pahina ng connect-the-dots ang katawang-lupa ko.

Walang accommodation. Bilang tangang-tanga pa ako sa set-up ng Anawangin medyo nawindang ako dito. Virgin pa kasi ako sa mga camping-camping. Wala talaga akong idea kung pano ang kaganapan sa mga camp-out na yan.

Walang CR. Nag-expect akong meron. Pero ang kantyaw nila sakin, pwede naman daw maghukay kung magna-number 2 ka. Pagdating sa island, may CR naman. Pero laking pasalamat ko na rin at hindi ko kinailangang MAG-MOMENT sa island dahil hindi mukang comforting ang comfort room doon.

Walang signal. This bothered me. A lot. Bilang may jowa ako non at pahirapan na nga magpaalam na mag-oovernight ako sa kung saan sabay wala pang signal sa pupuntahan. This is enough to feed his paranoia that I'm spending the night with someone illegal. Para namang napakaganda ko para magloko.

Walang kuryente. Naisip ko ang blackberry kong daig pa ang teleponong nakabukas lahat ng App sa bilis madrain ng baterya. Yun talaga ang worry ko, hindi yung kung mainit o madilim sa island. Pagkalow batt talaga ang concern ko. 

Halimaw na Alon. This was my main concern over and above everything. Over na, above pa kaya talagang napakalaking concern niyan. Dalawang bagyo ang nakaschedule nung linggong yun. So adding to the advice/s of some friends who've been to Anawangin before that the waves we will encounter to get to the island are not something to be taken lightly, news of the storm surge added to my hesitation. Kahit ako pa ang nag-set ng outing, konting sundot na lang back-out na talaga ako. I'm glad hindi nila ako pinayagan umatras at katakot-takot na mura ang inabot ko wag lang ako magpaiwan =)

What made Anawangin worth all the trouble? 
Because it's where wild waves 
and calm waters meet.
You can climb mountains and peek at what's on the other side..
Blast the night away with good friends and laugh your hearts out the next morning reminiscing what a blur everything was.
You'll never run out of things to do in this cove. There is so much to explore when sea, mountains, marshes and woods get together. Woods talaga? 
Promise, pwede kang magpaka-Dora dito. No map needed :P
Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Just check the weather before going there. ;)

P.S. This is a long overdue post. Wag ng itanong kung gano ka-long overdue. Masipag ako magbyahe. Medyo tamad mag-update :P

I am not a huge fan of amusement parks. I hate the idea of having to pay for what in my opinion is programmed fun. You pay, get on the ride, scream and laugh some, you get off. There's something about the cycle that I dislike. At isa pa hindi ko kaya yung extreme rides. The Space Shuttle for one. I've been to Enchanted Kingdom years back. As in high school days and the only thing I enjoyed is Dodgem. That's Bump Car for you. Dalawa lang naman kasi ang sinakyan ko dati, yun tsaka yung Log Jam. Duwag lang :P Also The Rialto but that doesn't earn you bragging rights. 
The Space Shuttle
A very close friend is leaving for another country and we agreed to go to EK. This time I'm back with vengeance. If only to prove na walang imposible at kaya ng lahat na maging matapang, kahit takot na takot talaga ako, sabi ko kakayanin ko yang Space Shuttle na yan. You can only imagine how much I wanted to convince my friend to be brave for herself. After all that we've been through, this is my way of saying, let's be fearless for once and face everything we were scared of in the past. Letting go of the things that hurt and bind us, to let go of what we think is safe but suffocating, to be brave because we three have each other. Pa-deep. But it's true.
Ferris Wheel :P
EK was overcrowded that day. Queues out front were disorganized, the attendants were nowhere close to friendly and the sun was unbelievably hot. Note to self, do not come here on a long weekend especially if school's out. Sembreak ba naman. Jusme. Nagkalat ang mga estudyante. Strictly no food and drinks from the outside are allowed. Goodbye Broas, Piaya and Pastillas :( 

Standing in line for each ride took about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes more. There were also performances done in random spots. We were able to watch a series of acts by several artists on the stage set up in the food court while we were having our lunch / dinner. Some danced, sang and mimed. I'm trying so hard to laugh and smile at this point just to lighten up the mood. The sun has set and we all know sooner or later it's time to go.
Three Bipolars
We went home exhausted but happy. Dragging our feet as we traveled back to Manila. Counting the few hours we have left together. It will be two long gruesome years before we see each other again. I hope she'd take my chicken-sht moment at the Space Shuttle positively. I hope she knows I'd do it if I could. And that she too can always try. I hope she can be brave and know that she deserves the best. Because no matter how many times we tell her that she doesn't deserve sht because she is special, she wouldn't really know until she realizes it herself.
No goodbyes. Just "See you soon".

Please be strong and burn your bridge that has long been wet! Haha [Sorry guys, inside joke :P ] 

See you soon BipolarBear ^_^ I and Nak JM loves you. You already know. #CheesyPost

The Sad Plight of Kawasan Falls

I believe it was sometime in 2008 that I last went to Kawasan Falls in Baranggay Matutinao, Badian. It had few cottages then in the first and second level but this did not ruin the beauty of this natural wonder. I admit I was a major SLOTH when I last went there so majority of the time I spent complaining about how tiresome it was going up instead of appreciating its beauty. I even paid 100 pesos for one of the guides to carry my luggage. Hindi ako maarte, lampa lang talaga ako. Nevertheless I am aware of its beauty. 
The Source

Learning through another travel blog of this cheap accommodation with overnight stay in the standard fan room good for 4 at 1,500 pesos only, we decided to contact Tita Ester. Our trip coincided with the town fiesta hence Tita Ester said the rent rose to 1,700. We haggled a bit over the phone so she said she can give the room for 1,600 and food will be free since fiesta naman daw. Winner! When we got there she brought us to the aircon room. Naisip ko, fan room lang pinareserve ko, baka hindi naman papagamit yung aircon. When we were all settled, that's when she offered for us to use the aircon for an additional 400 peso charge claiming that it is warmer at night. Nag-agree na lang ako.

22 November 2012

I wasn't prepared enough for my solo trip to Dumaguete. Having less than a week before my actual flight, I hastily researched about the top places to go to and most blogs mentioned Siliman University. So as the tricycle driver dropped me off in front of its huge gates, I muttered “Ano ba’ng gagawin ko dito? Magpipicture ng building?” Natatawa na lang din ako sa sarili ko. The guards let me in with no apprehension, not even an I.D. was asked of me. So I went in and faced the ridiculously huge map. Nalula ako pramis. Paghanap pa lang ng mark na “You Are Here” eh sumakit na ulo ko. Hahahaha =)
Pretty-eyed Fish.

So you've decided to go on that solo travel? Here are some friendly reminders when you're about to go on your own adventure =)

· Secure your luggage. If they can be bolted with even a small lock, the better. Lagyan mo ng alarm kung medyo praning ka.

Dorm Type Room in Harold's Mansion